Our waterless car wash technology easily removes dirt,
without harming your car or the environment.


A Car Cleaning Solution without Water

With climate change looming, maximizing the use of natural resources while zeroing in the use of anything that damages the environment should be of prime importance. Car washing included.

The fact that cars contribute hugely in the current pollution high index, there is a great need to maintain these wonderful transport utilities. That is where car detailing comes in. It is the act of cleaning the exterior from all the dirt amassed as well as the interior from all untoward elements absorbed over time of continuous use. How the task is done is where users differ. Responsible car owners and drivers go for waterless car detailing as offered by Eco Hand Wash & Product Sales to save at least 200 liters of water per cleaning.

Thanks to the Eco Touch Car Care, Eco Hand Wash & Product Sales can now offer not only waterless cash detailing but also zero emission car wash services. How it works? Simple. The products are formulated with nothing but green active ingredients such as soybeans and palm kernel oil as surfactants. So when sprayed on the panel of a car, the surfactants, lubrication agents, and soaps initiate the breaking down of all dirt particles. These particles are wrapped and bonded with polymer, thus easier to scoop off with the use of microfiber towel.

All these products will guarantee greener car maintenance for years to come especially with the intensified water restrictions that is continuously being imposed in the country. Thus, Eco Hand Wash & Product Sales can live up to its promise of waterless, zero emission mobile car detailing services to help save the planet.

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Vision Statement:

Eco hand wash and product sales will endeavour to provide great service, at the same time supplying an environmentally friendly product. Our goal is to have car owners using a product that saves our water resource.

The corporate values of customer service, continuous improvement, teamwork and achieving results are included into every aspect of our business.

As the Australian distributor for Eco Touch Car Care products we believe in providing an earth-friendly cleaning product that equals or surpass our competitive products.

Our association with Eco Touch products comes from eight basic operating principals:

• Manufacture high-performance car care products with minimal impact on the environment throughout each product's entire life-cycle
• Keep our customers and their families safety in mind. This means formulating products that are free of harmful solvents, additives and Volatile Organic Compounds
• Maintain the highest quality standards by ensuring our products are just as effective, if not better than their traditional counterparts
• Be open to new ideas, original thinking and better ways of doing things
• Seek third-party validation to back up our marketing and product claims
• Demonstrate transparency in dealings with our customers and the surrounding community
• Enrich the lives of our employees by offering a fun, dynamic and engaging work environment

Committed to Change

In Australia as in most other countries in the World, we are going through major changes in our climate, with those changes comes motivation to improve on what and how we prepare ourselves for the future. Eco hand wash is committed to change in the way we maintain our vehicles, part of that change is recognising that there are alternatives.

Superior cleaning, polishing and protecting

with minimal impact on the environment and the consumer